RoboTots Trail

RoboTots is our STEAM based Coding and Robotics program for kids of age 4-7.






The program enables kids to learn coding basics and help to apply their learning in Robots through carefully designed STEAM exercises.

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RoboTots Trail

RoboTots Trail

 4 Week Workshop

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  • This Trail comprises of a total of 4 sessions each lasting  45 minutes.
  • The program is FREE for Creative Kids voucher holders or $100pp for the full program.


What you GET in this workshop

In this FUN filled program, participants will

  • Learn Coding in a FUN way
  • Apply their learning in Coding exercises
  • Participate in Group exercises
  • Meet, Greet and Command our Robots
  • Understand and apply STEM principles in the exercises

Why is Coding / Robotics important for our Kids?

  • Helps to learn concepts in a simple way
  • Children find it fun
  • Effective way of introducing programming to students
  • Lays a strong foundation for skills useful in future careers
  • Suitable for children with a range of abilities
  • Demystifies complex technologies
  • Gives them more chance to work in groups

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Advanced RoboTots Trail

RobotTots Advanced

Weekly Workshop

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  • Should have completed RoboTots Beginner Trail.
  • Weekly ongoing sessions of 45mts duration.
  • The program cost is $25/-session.
  • A minimum of 4 sessions need to be booked.
  • NSW Creative Kids voucher can be applied for this program.

The Advanced RoboTots workshops are an offering to students who have successfully finished the Beginner Trail and wish to continue their learning.

Having finished the Beginner Trail, your kid must now be able to understand how Robots and Sensors work and the basic concepts of coding like If-Else, Loops, etc.

In the Advanced Coding exercises we explore these concepts more deeply in the form of challenges students have to finish by using different Robots.

We provide the kind of activities suited for kids of this age group to develop the logical thinking sequences that will be helpful once they begin to learn to code on a computer.

In the Advanced workshops, we teach kids that finding a solution to a problem often involves a logical sequence of steps or actions. It helps to develop problem solving skills such as perseverance, trial and error and understanding of cause and effect, analytical thinking and reasoning skills, as well as math and language skills. It also challenges children to think creatively and to pursue innovative ideas and solutions.

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