We are committed to COVID Safety.

We have implemented COVIDSafe Plan to ensure safety of our staff and students. Our staff will be conducting a COVID safety assessment prior to the workshop, and any individuals who visit our workshop will be required to follow safety procedures on social distancing and hygiene best practice.

Find our staff and student COVID-19 safety guidelines here.

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About Us

We at TechnoBudz aim to nurture a community of innovators to spearhead their way into new world of emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, 3D Printing, Augmented Reality, Drone Programming and many other branches using STEAM education.

We can help


    Build Resilience


    Encourage Experimentation

    Foster Creativity

    Encourage Teamwork

    Teach Problem-Solving

    Encourage Adaptation

    Empower Young Minds

    Improve Critical Thinking

    Promote Analytical Thinking

    Hands-On Experience

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    Children are born eager to learn. Curious by nature, you can’t keep them from exploring as they try to comprehend their environment. Everything is a wonder.

    When conditions allow children to satisfy curiosity through safe, self-initiated, and playful exploration, learning occurs naturally.

    Here’s a little insight into what happens at our workshops.